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Ruby. Ruby, stop.

will never not reblog

rooby pls



okay so uhhhm, i know most of you will think this is just for attention, well it’s really not, i’m honestly so serious about this guys..

The past few months have been very tough for me & my sister, so we’ve decided to get together and do this for my mum, the texts above are my sister & my mum, my dad not long ago passed away due to severe damage to his lungs, mainly caused from smoking, yet my mum still smokes, and it brings me to tears, honest to god..

all I’m asking for is for you guys to get this to 30,000+ notes, whether that’s by reblogging or liking, it wouldn’t only help me out, it would save my mum from a lot of future problems which would mean the world to me, because she’s my world right now, I love my mum.

if you can help, then thank you. You’re basically saving a life, and making another’s happier, which is lovely, I couldn’t ask for more, I’ve always asked her to stop, and she’s always said no, this is my ONLY chance, and you can help out, please.

~also if you have time, can you please check out my blog & maybe follow.~


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